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Who are the Friends of the Macomb Public Library?

The Friends of the Macomb Public Library District is a nonprofit organization. This organization is made up of area residents interested in the promotion and welfare of the library as a cultural, educational, and recreational asset to the community.

Our Purpose

To focus public attention on library facilities, services and needs.

To encourage the gifts of books, desirable collections, and endowments.

To bring greater recognition of the library's importance in our community.

What We Do

- Hold book sales
- Sponsor Library related activities
- Summer Reading Program
- Publish the Bookmark Newsletter
- We purchase best sellers, children's books, audio books,
replace classics, and specialty magazines
- Promote the Library throughout the community

How to Join

Drop by the Macomb Public Library, located at 235 S. Lafayette Street, and fill out an application. All we need is your name, address, and first contribution to help our Library.

Questions on membership should be directed to: David Self, Membership Chair, at

Membership Prices

$10.00 Individual
$15.00 Family
$25.00 Supporting
$50.00 Sustaining
$100.00 Patron